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Kathmandu Valley College offers comprehensive quality education at the higher secondary level (+2) in the faculties of Management and Science. The idea of founding this college was conceived in response to the need for quality education in an environment of life-long learning. The college is affiliated to the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) of the Ministry of education of Nepal Government. KVC is a privately supported and managed institution. It is governed by a managing committee consisting of prominent scholars who are responsible for making policy and decisions for the proper and efficient management of the college.

The college is situated in a central locality at Museum Road, Chhauni, Kathmandu, hardly a ten minute walk from main downtown Kalimati and world famous stupa, Swoyambhu. The college is located in a serene, lush-green and pollution free environment. It is far from the maddening hustle of the city.

Kathmandu Valley College endeavors to impart a comprehensive scientific, integrated and moral education modulated by human values. It aims at producing the pioneers of progress who can face the future with courage and self confidence and also shape the course of humanity with knowledge, wisdom, reasoning, initiative and moral strength.

The college stands on the belief that the collegiate experiences must provide for more than job skills in an increasingly technological and complex society. Therefore, the college aims to give each student the opportunity to develop an awareness of human problems, human differences and a social and political conscience. We provide for awareness of the environment, the ecological system and an ability to anticipate and understand change, also a perspective on time and a sense of values and ethics appropriate to contemporary Nepalese Society.

KVC recognizes the worth and dignity of each individual and so is committed to all students with the educational programmers and support services that will allow them to fulfill their potentials.